Rappresentanze Tessili

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Giunti International Agency of Giunti Vittorio is a textile agency that was founded in 2002 as a natural passage from the family company Giunti Agency founded by my father Mario Giunti in 1979.

Mario Giunti began operating in import / export textile representation sector in early 1950s as co-founder of the Mediterranean Agency company which operated until the late 1970s.

These were years of great evolution and development in the city of Prato from which huge quantities of fabrics, many articles products with regenerated wool, were destined for development and production of fashion throughout the world.

The activity continued with the Giunti Agency in which I started the activity already in 1979, where I developed marketing of import yarns & fabrics and export of clothing and knitwear "Made in Italy"

Now, with over 40 years of experience behind me, I continue to follow evolution of markets to find opportunities in textile sector both for the export of Italian-made fabrics,knitwear, clothing, and for imports of Fabrics, Yarns and Fibers from various origins ( European and Extra-European)

I am at your disposal to find a solution to your research. Write me from the contact page

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