I work with my customers using the vast resources of my area that allow us to work with competitive prices and quick times, for production of:

  • Outerwear, jackets and trousers for men / women: production with woven or knitted fabric
  • Women's Dress , Shirt, Skirt, etc...
  • Special production for curvy women
  • Knitwear items (Sweaters, Ponchos, Dresses, Hats, Scarves) in all compositions with machines in the gauges 5-7-12-14-18
  • Tshirt and Sweatshirt : Garment dyed or with piece-dyed fabrics  with digital or screen printing

The work phases are:

  • Study and choice of articles based on our proposal or the customer's model
  • Search Fabrics / Yarns: articles on collection for scheduled orders or use of availability in stock
  • Sampling and development of models with drapes and prototypes
  • Production of items up to packing and shipping 
We can develop your collection starting from the research of fabrics / yarns up to the finished product "made in Italy".
For any question contact me by form contact
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